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A better pwgeneration / file checksuming tool that uses the algorithm discussed in XKCD 936 to create highly secure and memorable passwords. When generating passwords, it allows to specify the strength of the password in bits. Additionally, it can be used to generate multiple passwords for different accounts/usecases from the same master password, to compare files by means of their fingerprint and to memorize fingerprints of arbitrary files (e.g gpg public keys) by generating passwords from the file.


  • Generate a new random password with 64 bit entropy and copy it to the clipboard (this requires xclip to be installed)
ruby pwgen.rb
  • Generate a new static password from a master password and a usecase/account and print it, note that this takes a while to prevent master password bruteforcing.
ruby pwgen.rb -ds "some_mail@some_provi.der"
#Please enter your master password:
#Thank you, I will now generate a password for the usecase "some_mail@some_provi.der"
  • To compare a file (in this case pwgen.rb itself) with someone else, generate a passphrase from it and read it aloud instead of the original hex fingerprint (This should be as secure as a full SHA256 fingerprint comparison).
ruby pwgen.rb -df pwgen.rb