Authors: Cornelius Aschermann, Sergej Schumilo, Tim Blazytko, Robert Gawlik, Thorsten Holz

Very fast binary-only fuzzer. It can automatically overcome checksums and magic bytes without falling back to complex and fragile program analysis techniques such as symbolic execution. It works by observing the arguments to function calls and compare instructions. Then the traced values are used to provide inputs specific mutations. More details can be found in the paper.

The paper describing Nautilus was published at NDSS 2019. A recording of the presentation and the slides can be found here:

Talk Slides

Redqueen helped to find and report multiple bugs, including:

  • binutils nm-new (CVE-2018-12641)
  • binutils libiberty (CVE-2018-12697)
  • binutils libiberty (CVE-2018-12698)
  • binutils objdump (CVE-2018-12699)
  • binutils objdump (CVE-2018-12700)
  • Linux kernel 4.15.0 hfs.ko (CVE-2018-12928)
  • Linux kernel 4.15.0 ntfs.ko (CVE-2018-12929)
  • Linux kernel 4.15.0 ntfs.ko (CVE-2018-12930)
  • Linux kernel 4.15.0 ntfs.ko (CVE-2018-12931)
  • Wine (CVE-2018-12932)
  • Wine (CVE-2018-12933)
  • binutils cxxfilt (CVE-2018-12934)
  • imagemagik (CVE-2018-12935)
  • mruby (CVE-2018-14337)
  • bash (CVE-2018-14566)
  • xml2 (CVE-2018-14567)
  • fdk-aac (CVE-2018-16747)
  • fdk-aac (CVE-2018-16748)
  • ImageMagick (CVE-2018-16749)
  • ImageMagick (CVE-2018-16750)
  • tcpdump (CVE-2018-20116)
  • tcpdump (CVE-2018-20117)
  • tcpdump (CVE-2018-20118)
  • tcpdump (CVE-2018-20119)