Github Projects

A selected list of my open source projects published on github.

Spawn a dynamic debugger from your application like ipdb.set_trace() / binding.pry, but in Rust.


A deck building tower defense game written in Rust.


A binary fuzzer that automatically solves magic Bytes and checksums during fuzzing. Published at NDSS 2019.


Uses program synthesis to deobfuscate VM instruction handlers used by obfuscators such as VMProtect and Themida. Published at USENIX Security 2017.


An AFL style feedback fuzzer, that uses Intel-PT to trace operating systems without access to sourcecode. Published at USENIX Security 2017

Interval Tree

A very efficient data structure to query ranges for Rust. Useful to implement analysis passes on memory/code/firmware dumps.

Loaded Dice

Sample from discrete distributions in O(1). Very useful when building randomized generators and fuzzer in Rust.

Cornelius Aschermann

Fuzzing, Reverse Engineering, Binary Analysis

Security Researcher